20 Free Canva Templates for November 2022

To complement our monthly blog post, 100+ Content Ideas and Inspiration for November 2022, we’re giving away 20 FREE Canva Templates created for 20 different special days/events happening in November.

You can use these November 2022 Canva templates on your social media. Just change fonts and colours to match your brand, and add your logo or any other images you like. We used to offer our templates individually but now we’ve decided to let you open the whole file in Canva and select the templates you want to use.  Just subscribe down below and receive a Canva link that will open in your Canva account in one design folder for you to edit.

Some of the designs may include Canva Pro elements but you can either pay for them individually, change them for a free element or try Canva Pro for FREE! When using our link, you can benefit from a 45-day Canva Pro free trial, which is 15 days extra than offered via the Canva website! 🎉🎉 Click here to sign up https://partner.canva.com/9WQDxe.

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All the templates are Instagram size, 1080px x 1080px, but you can, of course, resize them using Canva’s Resize app if you have a Canva Pro account.


1. World Vegan Day - 1st November

Celebrate World Vegan Day with a great vegan dish! Just ask for a vegan menu! Most restaurants offer that 🙂

World Vegan Day

Eat delicious vegan dish! #WorldVeganDay - 1st November. #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


2. International Stout Day - 5th November

Love stout? Have you ever tried it? Go to your local brewery and give it a go! You’ll love it if you like caramel and coffee taste 😉

International Stout Day


Drink some stout this #InternationalStoutDay - 5th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


3. World Adoption Day - 9th November

Let’s celebrate all families with adopted children!

World Adoption Day

Big respect to all adoption families this #WorldAdoptionDay - 9th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


4. World Usability Day - 10th November

User experience is important these days. If you can’t make it easy to use your digital product, it’s time to change it today!

World Usability Day

#WorldUsabilityDay -10th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


5. Veteran Day - 11th November

This is a very much celebrated day in the USA! Respect all veterans! The equivalent in the UK is Remembrance Sunday which this year is 13th November.

Veteran Day

Give respect #VeteranDay - 11th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


6. World Pneumonia Day - 12th November

Pneumonia can be dangerous if not treated. That’s why we need this awareness day to learn more about pneumonia and how to treat it or prevent it.

World Pneumonia Day

Be aware and learn #WorldPneumoniaDay - 12th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


7. World Kindness day - 13th November

We should be kind every day, however, this day is a sweet reminder to be kind for the rest of the year.


World Kindness day

Be kind every day #WorldKindnessDay - 13th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


8. World Diabetes Day - 14th November

World Diabetes day is not only about how to support those who live with diabetes but how to avoid getting it in the first place.

World Diabetes Day

Happy #WorldDiabetesDay - 14th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


9. International Day For Tolerance - 16th November

We need more days like this even in the 21st century!

International Day For Tolerance

#InternationalDayForTolerance- 16th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


10. Homemade Bread Day - 17th November

We love celebrating food and drink days! Homemade bread day is no different! Just think how wonderful the smell will be in your home.

Homemade Bread day

Are you getting hungry? # HomemadeBreadDay - 17th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


11. Mickey Mouse B-Day - 18th November

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse B-Day

Celebrate #MickeyMouseBDay - 18th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


12. International Men’s Day- 19th November

Yes, men have their day too! They certainly deserve to be celebrated!


International Men's Day

Celebrate #InternationalMensDay - 19th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet

13. Happy Children’s Day - 20th November

Our favourite day in November as Children are celebrated!


Happy Children's Day

#HappyChildrensDay - 20th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet

14. World TV Day - 21st November

Who doesn’t like watching TV?

World TV Day

Turn it on #WorldTVDay - 21st November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet

15. World Kimchi Day - 22nd November

Have you tried kimchi? It’s a traditional recipe from Korea and consists of fermented cabbage in spices! You can now find it all over Asia and it’s believed to be very beneficial for your gut.

World Kimchi Day

Yummy! #WorldKimchiDay - 22nd November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


16. Drinksgiving Day - 23rd November

Happy Drinksgiving! Have a drink with us today 🙂

Drinksgiving Day

Have fun this #Drinksgiving Day - 23rd November 22 #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


17. Small Business Saturday - 25th November

Support a small business today in the USA!

Small Business Saturday

Celebrate #SmallBusinessSaturday - 25th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


18. French Toast Day - 28th November

French toast for breakfast? Yes, please!

French Toast Day

Who doesn't love good french toast for breakfast? #FrenchToastDay - 28th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


19. Cyber Monday - 28th November

Get your purse ready! You’re going to save tons on your favourite items!

Cyber Monday

Happy spending! #CyberMonday - 28th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


20. Day Of Giving - 29th November

Open your mind, heart and wallet to give something to the one who needs support the most.

Day Of Giving

#DayOfGiving - 29th November #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet

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