How to use Canva’s Magic Resize

You really do have a touch of magic at your fingertips with Canva’s Magic Resize. It is a Canva Pro feature but one that will save you loads of time and effort. I used the original design in Instagram and resized it after I made the video to a custom size for this blog post header! I did need to add another image to keep my design balanced though.

Here’s how to use Magic Resize:



Today’s Canva quick tip is a Canva Pro feature called Magic Resize and it really is magic. It’s amazing. It’s quite brilliant, and I’m going to show you how you use it. So let’s pop across to Canva now and take a look.

So here I am in my Canva screen, and I’ve pulled up a Valentine’s post that we’ve done for Be Your Own Graphic designer that I just wanted to show you. You can see under Elements and Graphics there are some of our other Be Your Own Graphic Designer Valentine images. Just type in BYOGD and what you’re looking for to find our images.

This is the design I want to change to different sizes because if you use the right size with a social media platform, it looks so much better. We’re going to convert this to use it in a couple of different ways.


Grouping your images before you resize

First of all, one thing I want to do, and I’ve done it for most of these images, is to make sure they are grouped.  These have been grouped already but I’ll just show you again how to do it. I’ll move along (to another image) and just click Group. Just to show you again, if I click on the element, the text in this case, and then hold down my Shift key, and then click on the next element and go to More, which is the three dots here at the top, and then click Group and that picture’s now grouped.

This will make it easier when I’m looking to do my next stage. This one’s been grouped already, and this one’s grouped, and so is this one. You can see the dotted line around showing me that it’s grouped. Another thing that I had grouped, are these three little hearts at the top. Again, exactly the same process. So I just held my Shift key down, clicked on the element and then went to the next element.


Using Magic Resize

Now to show you Magic Resize, and it’s up here in the top Toolbar (on the left of your screen). It’s very clear, it says Resize. I’m going to click on that, and here you’ll see, there are lots of options of how you can resize this. This is originally an Instagram post size. So it’s 1080px by 1080px.

I can change it to a Twitter post, a video, a YouTube thumbnail or any of these other kinds of sizes that I want to make it. And there’s lots and lots of choice.  But if this doesn’t have your choice you can choose your own and put an exact custom size for the style. I’m going to change this to a Twitter post, just to show you how easy it is.

I can either just resize the existing image, which means I will lose this original Instagram one. Or I can copy and resize. I usually copy and resize and here you can see it. And all I need to do now is adjust it slightly. I don’t have to redesign the whole thing, I can just adjust it now to make it look better on this post. It doesn’t come in perfectly resized. You have to go and make the adjustments, but it saves you a huge amount of time. And I’m going to click on there and just move all this.


Making Adjustments after Magic Resize

You can see the guidelines really help you line everything up and now I’ve got more space. I might need this one here to line up as you can see with the guideline, to the other image on the other side, and again, probably down here. I just want to make sure that this is centred, you can see the red dotted guidelines. And make sure that this image is centred as well. This is what handles make even easier. Take it down that little bit, and that’s all there is to it. So very easy to do.

I can now go and take it into another size. So if I wanted to use this for my YouTube thumbnail for this video, I could just copy and resize it again. There won’t be that much difference between these two, so it should need a very little adjustment. It actually tells you what size you resized it to, which is very helpful.

That was today’s quick tip. I hope that was useful. If you want to try Canva Pro, I have a link here that will take you to a free trial for 30 days. So do have a go because it’s great if you want to play with some of the Pro features. And, as I said, Magic Resize is one of those that will save you loads of time.

I hope that was helpful.

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Happy designing!


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