Canva Quick Tips - Magic Keyboard Shortcut

This Canva Quick Tip is the Magic keyboard shortcut in Canva that quickly lets you find the features you need while you’re in your design. This is available on both the free version of Canva and in Canva Pro.


If you have problems getting / Magic to work then try holding down Alt+/ or Ctrl+E and then it will bring up the /Magic box. 🙂

Transcript - Magic Keyboard Shortcut

Hi, this is Kim from Be Your Own Graphic Designer and a Canva Certified Creative.

Today’s quick tip is really a very quick one. So here we are on the Canva design screen. What I wanted to show you today is just a touch of Magic. And it’s a brand new feature, called Magic, and enables you to get quickly around the design screen so you can rapidly find the features that you want on Canva.

I’ve just pulled up an Instagram post, just plain and I haven’t done anything with it. And all I’m going to do is hit the forward slash key (/).

You can see I found it and it’s called Magic. It’s a shortcut that you can hit at any time and you can find text, circles, squares, hearts, lines and triangles.

Back here, I can just add a text box. So my text box has come up immediately. Going back, I can add a line to my design. Just move that up. Again, just forward slash, (/) and it’s so quick to work your way around. Add an arrow, move this. I’m not really trying to design anything, I’m just trying to show the feature.

Then, hit on Magic. And if I put in heart, I get a lovely heart. It’s very easy to use. You can find whatever you want, which you’d usually have to go searching for down the side. So you could open grids, and then open up all the grids on the left-hand side here,

It’s a great function as it’s a shortcut to everything in Canva. Really, this is just a touch of magic for you.

Hope that helps.

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Happy designing!


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