June Social Media Marketing Ideas

There are lots of events and special days in June for you to help you come up with ideas for your June social media posts.

June is “bustin’ out all over” according to one of the main songs from the 1954 musical “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”! In the UK, it’s a month full of weddings, flowers and sunshine - hopefully heralding a beautiful long summer.

The flowers for June are the rose and the honeysuckle, both known for their heady scents. The rose is known as the Queen of Flowers.  The Greeks believed it was created by the Goddess of Flowers, who took a lifeless nymph and made her into a flower.

The colours of June are yellow and silver. Yellow is an upbeat and optimistic colour while silver speaks of wealth and sophistication.

June Social Media Interesting Facts

June Interesting Facts

Our June Social Media Planner is full of interesting facts and events. The Romans called June “Iunius“ or Junius, but it is unclear whether this was after Juno, goddess of marriage, or whether May and June were named for the old and young: “maiores“ and “iuniores“.

The Anglo-Saxons, however, called June “sera monath“ (dry month).

In any year, no month begins on the same day of the week as June. In the Northern hemisphere, the longest day of the year occurs on either June 21st or 22nd.

June is known as a great month to get married.  It was thought that couples who married in June would be blessed with prosperity and happiness. There’s a great quote in another song from “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”,

“they say when you marry in June you’re a bride all your life, and the bridegroom who marries in June gets a sweet-heart for a wife”.

I love tennis and the famous English tennis tournament, Wimbledon, is usually played in the last week of June and first week of July. Except for this year, when it doesn’t start until the first week of July! So you need to pay special attention this year if you are doing a tennis-themed event or posts! You could always link to the French Open at Roland Garros as that does run until June 10.

June is one of only two months that has three Birthstones associated with it, giving the lucky people born in June a choice of gemstones between Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone.

June Monthly Events

12 June Monthly Events

In every Planner, we add lots of different Monthly Holidays and Events to help you find a theme that will suit your business. Here are just a few from the June Planner:

National Smile Month, May 15-June 15
Audiobook Month
LGBTQ Pride Month
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
National Great Outdoors Month
Migraine and Headache Awareness Month
National Oceans Month
Safety Month
National Soul Food Month
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month
SANDS (Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity) Awareness Month
Scoliosis Awareness Month

Many of these events are linked to charities so you can just choose one to support for the month.

June Weekly Themes

12 June Weekly Special Themes

Not sure you want to commit to supporting a particular theme for a month? There are loads of amazing themed weeks in June. Here are just 12 of them that particularly appealed to me but you can find loads more in our June Social Media Planner.

National BBQ Week, May 28-June 3
Pet Appreciation Week, June 3-9
National Business Etiquette Week, June 3-9
National Glaucoma Awareness Week UK, June 4-10
BNF (British Nutrition Foundation) Healthy Eating Week, June 11-15
Aromatherapy Awareness Week, June 11-16
Carers Week, June 11-17
Men’s Health Week, June 11-17
Cervical Screening Awareness Week, June 12-18 #CSAW
National Picnic Week, June 15-24
Animal Rights Awareness Week, June 19-24
National School Sport Week, June 25-29.

School Sport Week brings back strange childhood memories of egg and spoon and sack races!

June Special Days

June Special Days

We’ve pulled together a wide range of these from different sources to provide you with a rich source of potential content for your June social media posts. Interestingly, while Mother’s Day varies all over the world, Father’s Day is pretty consistently Sunday, 17 June wherever it’s celebrated.

A few of my personal highlights.

The Spinal Association – The Great British Fish & Chips Supper, 1 June
National Hug Your Cat Day, 4 June - because cats always work on social media!
Wear It. Beat It., 9 June – wear red to show support for the British Heart Foundation
Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day, 14 June
Beer Day Britain, 15 June
International Picnic Day and International Sushi Day, 18 June - cheat and take sushi on your picnic!
National Kouign Amann Day, 20 June - most people won’t know this one.

It’s a round crusty cake, made with a yeast-raised dough containing layers of butter and sugar folded in, similar to puff pastry or croissants but with fewer layers. It’s baked slowly until the butter puffs up the dough creating the layered effect and the sugar caramelises.

The name comes from the Breton words for cake “kouign” and butter “amann.” It originated in Brittany, around 1860, when flour was scarce, but butter was abundant.

Royal Ascot and the Hickstead Showjumping Derby are between the 19-24 June.
Summer Officially Begins, 21 June
International Sunglasses Day #NationalSunglassesDay, 27 June - because you always need your shades!

and, of course, I couldn’t possibly miss

World Social Media Day #SocialMediaDay, 30 June!

One of my absolute favourites though has to be:

The Big Lunch on 3 June.

The Big Lunch is the UK’s biggest annual get together for neighbours. It’s a simple idea from the Eden Project: that as many people as possible across the UK have lunch with their neighbours annually on a Sunday in June in a simple act of community, friendship and fun. It can be anything from a small gathering in a garden, park or driveway, to a larger party with trestle tables down the middle of your street. Such a simple idea to bring communities together!

I did say these were my personal favourites so they, not surprisingly, revolve mainly around food, drink and horses!

Even though we’ve triple checked these to try to make certain they are accurate for 2018, it’s amazing how much different sites vary when you try to verify these. It’s always worth double-checking yourself.

There are lots more of these days in our Planner as well as two pages of quotes you can use on their own or with your own image. We do have a bundle of 20 ready-made quote images or memes for June that you can purchase from us if you’re short of time. You just need to add your logo and/or your website address to personalise them! Alternatively, you can just buy the odd one or two from The Collection.

Done-or-you Quotes/Memes

I hope these June social media ideas will help you create a varied and interesting plan for the month.

Remember, there are loads more ideas to choose from in our monthly Planner!


Takeaway Tip:

Use special holidays and events in your social media to help you plan your month’s posts!

Use special holidays and events in your social media to help you plan your month's posts! Click To Tweet

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