How to create curved text in Canva

Curved text has been something many of us had been asking Canva for and it’s now available and easy to use. Here’s how you can create curved text on your designs.



Today’s Canva Quick Tip is how to create curved text.

Here I have what’s going to be my YouTube thumbnail, and what I’m going to do is take a picture of something that’s round. So I’ve chosen the Earth. Now I’m going to edit, so a little smaller, and now I’m going to centre that.

Add Text

Now I’ll start to add some text. I’m going to add a heading. I actually want this above. I’m going to name this and because I’m using this as my YouTube thumbnail, I’m adding in ‘Canva Quick Tips’. And I’m going to make that 64 ’cause that’s the size I have and I’ll change the colour as I have been using this as pink. I’ll spread that out so it’s on one line and I’ll move it back to the centre.

Go to Effects

Now all I have to do is go to Effects. And as you can see, there’s a variety of effects you can do, but we’re going to look at curve. And that’s all I have to do to make curved text. Bring it close to my photo. And you can see here the size of the curve, which is 83. I can make the curve less if I want and pull this out. You can see by changing this, it actually stretches the curve out. Or I can bring it in closer, and 75 looks quite nice.

I’m now going to add on the bottom some more text. So, I go back to Text. Then go to add a heading ‘How to add text in Canva’. Again, I’m probably just going to change this to 36. This is where I’ll have to play with it a little to get it to work because I’m using two different sizes. And again, go to Effects, the curve.

Reverse to Minus for Curved Text below

And because you can see it’s actually gone into reverse, I want to obviously have this the other way up. I now need to put this into reverse. I’m going to do a minus. And you can see we’re dragging it all the way over here. It’s smaller. This is a smaller font. It doesn’t need to be quite as small as that. Since it’s going to be a bit of a play, I’m going to move this down.

Now I’m moving all these together and creating them as a Group, and then I can actually move them up as well. And that’s all there is to it.

So that’s how to add curved text in Canva. Hope that helps.

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Happy designing!


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