Take Control of Your Small Business Branding and Marketing

Learn how to take control of your branding and marketing now!

Believe us when we say we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to how small business owners are treated!

The thing that has really started to bug us is that it can be difficult to take control or get a fair deal when it comes to design and marketing.

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Avoid Off the Peg Solutions

It probably costs more than you’re making when you start out to hire professionals. This means you become prey to the ‘Enter Your Business Name Here..’ on-line clone design companies. They offer a cheap off the peg solutions, but you suddenly find you’re using the same design as hundreds, possibly thousanClone logosds of other companies in your field.

When you try to expand your marketing, you suddenly find that you have no automatic rights to use the design. It’s locked into buying more and more from the clone-company.

If they decide to drop that design from their catalogue – that’s your whole brand gone!


Be Your Own Graphic Designer Small LogoWhy Be Your Own Graphic Designer?

Be Your Own Graphic Designer was set up to make it easy for non-designers to create their own branding and social media posts at an affordable price.

Our mission is to level the playing field by offering small business owners and self-employed professionals focused training in design and marketing, using free state of the art software, aimed SPECIFICALLY at your needs.


You have limited time available

Because we know that you have limited time and want results fast, we’ve included very short and to the point videos on how to use Canva. All aimed to be quick and easy to access to get you designing, so you can take control in no time.

We also offer hints, tips and training on social media and the digital side of things to get you started with online marketing and the essential up to the minute information that will keep you ahead of the field and help you take control.


It’s hard to be an expert on everything!

Luckily - we’re design and marketing experts and spend our time keeping on top of changes!

Between us we have the skills and knowledge to take you right from the basics, teaching you how to build your brand and take control.

We know you’ll suspect a ‘catch’…

Well, there isn’t one!

We don’t own the rights to anything you design using our training, images, templates or software. They’ll be yours entirely to use how and where you wish! Most importantly you can take control!


Need support and reassurance?

We know you’ll have moments of doubt when you need support and reassurance. Being a small business owner can be very lonely, especially if you’re a one-man-band. That’s why we’ve set up a Facebook Group, Social Media Made Stylishly Simple, where you can hang out and meet fellow business owners. It’s a safe community where you can post designs for review, share ideas with others and ask for advice.


Limited Funds?

That’s why our images are less than US $0.21 or about 16p an image on our Annual subscription plan. If you prefer to Pay-As-You-Go then they’re still only $0.75, about 57p, each. They’re royalty and copyright free which means you pay once and can use them over and over again.


Let us help you take control

If we’ve struck a chord with you, please take a moment to look at some of our training videos. They’re designed to help you use our images with Canva.

If you want to ask us questions about how we can help you, please visit us on our Facebook page.  Or use the contact form on our website to get in touch.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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