20 Free Canva Templates for October 2022

To complement our monthly blog post, 100+ Content Ideas and Inspiration for October 2022, we’re giving away 20 FREE Canva Templates created for 20 different special days/events happening in October.

You can use these October 2022 Canva templates on your social media. Just change fonts and colours to match your brand, and add your logo or any other images you like. We used to offer our templates individually but now we’ve decided to let you open the whole file in Canva and select the templates you want to use.  Just subscribe down below and receive a Canva link that will open in your Canva account in one design folder for you to edit.

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All the templates are Instagram size, 1080px x 1080px, but you can, of course, resize them using Canva’s Resize app if you have a Canva Pro account. If you want to try Canva Pro for 45 days for free, click here.


1. World Vegetarian Day - 1st October

A day to celebrate all the vegetables we can eat in delicious dishes!

World Vegetarian Day

Eat some yummy vegetables! #WorldVegetarianDay- 1st October. #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


2. Grandparents’ Day - 2nd October

Your second parents are your grandparents. Give them a big hug today or even better, take them out for a nice treat!

Grandparents Day October 2022


Visit your grandparent this #GrandparentsDay - 2nd October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


3. World Teachers’ Day - 5th October

We all have that one teacher who changed the way we think about the world! Make sure you appreciate them today and make sure your kids do the same this World Teachers’ Day!

World Teachers' Day October 2022

Appriciate your teacher this #WorldTeachersDay - 5th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


4. World Smile Day - 7th October

Yes! We need more smiles and laughs! Today you have no excuses to practise smiling for no reason! Have you ever noticed that if you smile at a stranger they’ll smile back at you? Have a go and brighten up someone’s day!

World Smile Day October 2022

Simply Smile! #WorldSmileDay - 7th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


5. World Octopus Day - 8th October

Octopuses are incredibly intelligent sea creatures. Let’s spread awareness about their protection today!

World Octopus Day October 2022

Octopuses are incredible intelligent beings-learn more about them! # WorldOctopusDay - 8th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


6. World Homeless Day - 10th October

Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, we still tackle homelessness issues. More and more young people end up on the streets for various reasons. Today is the day we can all learn more about the stories of people who end up homeless and see what can be done to prevent it from happening to others.

World Homeless Day October 2022

We need more awareness and action when it comes to homelessness. # WorldHomelessDay - 10th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


7. World Arthritis Day - 12th October

People old and even young suffer from arthritis. Good nutrition is usually the key to preventing this from happening to our bodies. Spread the awareness today!


World Arthritis Day October 2011

Something we might all suffer from! #WorldArthritisDay - 12th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


8. World Sight Day - 13th October

We take our sight for granted. But not all people can say that. Look after your eyes and help those who weren’t that lucky and have issues with their sight.

World Sight Day October 2022

Happy #WorldSightDay - 13th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


9. World Egg Day - 14th October

Who doesn’t love eggs? Eggy bread, omelette, scrambled eggs? It’s such a versatile ingredient! What’s your favourite egg style?

World Egg Day October 2022

#WorldEggDay- What's your favourite egg dish?- 14 October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


10. World Food Day - 16th October

We love celebrating food and drink days! World Food day is no different! What’s your favourite food? I’m currently enjoying making and eating Morrocan dishes.

World Food Day October 2022

Are you getting hungry? # WorldFoodDay - 16th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


11. International Students’ Day - 17th October

Let’s celebrate International Students’ day! They are our future!

Celebrate #InternationalStudentsDay - 17th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


12. Global Ethics Day - 17th October

Ethics are important to consider, talk about and follow in our society. Learn more about ethics this Global Ethics day!


Global Ethics Day October 2022

We all need a better world! Learn ethics this #GlobalEthicsDay - 17th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet

13. World Menopause Day - 18th October

World Menopause day is celebrated on 18th October. It’s to support women who are going through menopause.


World Menopause Day October 2022

#WorldMenopauseDay - 18th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet

14. Gin and Tonic Day - 19th October

Who doesn’t like gin and tonic? There are so many varieties to choose from now. Today is a good excuse to have a nice drink with your friends after work 😉

Ging and Tonic Day October 2022

For this weekend, celebrate with friends #GinandTonicDay - 19th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet

15. International Champagne Day - 21st October

You don’t have to drink champagne just during celebrations. You can drink champagne and celebrate that!

International Champagne Day October 2022

Celebrate with a glass of champagne! #InternationalChampagneDay - 21st October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


16. World Artists Day - 25nd October

We are all artists. So as much as we can celebrate famous artists such as Basquiat, Da Vinci or Monet, we need to remember to appreciate all the small and soon-to-be artists in the world!

World Artists Day October 2022

Paint. Create Art. Have Fun. #WorldArtistsDay - 25nd October 22 #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


17. National Pumpkin Day - 26th October

Pumpkins! Halloween is just around the corner so quickly go buy a pumpkin to carve it out or bake a pumpkin pie!

National Pumpkin Day October 2022

Celebrate #NationalPumpkinDay - 26th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


18. American Beer Day - 27th October

We don’t mind beer bellies if it’s for a good reason. American Beer day is certainly the best reason to try all kinds of quality craft beer made in America!

American Beer Day October 2022

Who doesn't love true craft beer from American breweries? #AmericanBeerDay - 27th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


19. Ukraine Liberation Day - 28th October

Ukraine still stands strong as it has always been! Let’s celebrate Ukraine’s strengths in the past, present and future.

Ukraine Liberation October 2022

We feel with Ukraine! #UkraineLiberationDay - 28th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet


20. Halloween - 31st October

Hurray! Halloween is here and with its costumes, trick and treats, Halloween parties and lots and lots of fun with friends and family!

Halloween October 2022

Get spooky and trick and treat! #Halloween - 31th October #BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner Click To Tweet

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