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Did you know that Canva now has a Draw Tool? This video was a challenge for me to do as you’ll see because I literally can’t draw a straight line! That’s a lot of the reason why I started Be Your Own Graphic Designer as already drawn images are perfect for me.  Find important updates about Draw below the video.

Update April 2023

Draw is now an integrated tool rather than a separate App. This tool is available in both Free and Pro accounts. Note: Draw is NOT currently available in Docs.

  1. Open a new or existing design project in Canva.
  2. Scroll down the left-hand menu and click on the draw tool icon.
  3. The tool had 3 drawing tools: a Pen, a Marker and a Highlighter. There is also an eraser.
  4. Have fun practising with these tools! Here are three things to try
    • Change the colour of each drawing tool by using the colour picker in the draw menu.
    • Change the weight and the transparency of your line by clicking on the drawing settings button at the bottom of the draw menu.
  5. To move a shape around your screen, left-click on the arrow button, just below the eraser, then click and drag your shape.
  6. To move 2 or more shapes around your design together, click on the arrow button, then click on the screen and drag your cursor across all of your chosen shapes. A purple shaded box with a dashed line will appear around your shapes. Click on ‘group‘ and your chosen shapes will be locked. You can then click and drag your group of shapes around your screen.
  7. To access the menu of more advanced settings - such as layers - right click on a shape.
  8. Once you are happy with your designs, you can download them or (with a pro account) share them directly from Canva.

New Feature! Shape Assist:

Open a new design project and try drawing a basic shape like a square. As you complete your drawing, keep pressing the cursor down and Canva will recreate your shape, still looking hand drawn, but a neat and tidier version. If this doesn’t work the first time simply delete your shape and try again.

Note: To change the colour of the border, click on your shape and use the colour picker on the top left hand corner of your screen. With Shape Assist, there will be a second box on the colour picker. This enables you to fill your shape with a colour. This feature is NOT available for a shape that you have drawn freehand.


I hope you find this useful and that it helps you create your content with the great one-stop design app that Canva has become.

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Happy designing!


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